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Designing a great solution is just the first step. We can facilitate you to put the plan in place by becoming an extension of your team in the implementation and ongoing management of your supply chain. Our commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement keeps your team and ours focused and effective.

Our major impact being in the light engineering goods and automobiles industry, we have formulated a package that has been well appreciated by Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers globally. We have been able to offer operational efficiency and optimized lead-time for a time sensitive industry. Our contracts with major air and shipping lines have ensured on time schedules with minimum chances of shutouts or short landings. This has ensured a vigilant TAT and a DSR that is in line with customer's requirements. Implants are stationed at customer's plants/offices and they endeavor to work in close contact with the client and blend in as part of client's team.

At Sree Logistic Services, it's all about how we work to build a foundation for ongoing success. When you're more nimble as a business, form better relationships with your customers, and achieve better visibility throughout your supply chain - well, that's when we know we've accomplished our goal.

Our Supply Chain Management Services include:

  • Dedicated, on-site resources
  • Management tools
  • Supplier management / lead logistics provider services
  • Engineered operational standards
  • Quality assurance methodology
  • Facility and process reengineering teams
  • Continuous improvement workshops
  • Consolidated management reporting
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